We the People

We are a collection of marketers, creatives, techies, writers, coders, strategizers, media masters, data scientists, social media aficionados and digital devotees. Nice to meet you.  


Joe Oltmann
Rick Haskell
Chief Financial Officer
Keith Sawarynski
President & Chief Operating Officer
Joey Orrino
General Counsel
Chris Wiegand
Chief Technology Officer

Account Management

Conor Ryan
 Senior Director of Account Management
Emily Doty
Enterprise Account Manager
Selena Chen
Account Manager
Evan McKenna
Director of Account Management
Martin Thomas 
Account Manager
Megan Gibbs
Enterprise Account Manager
Loren Ross 
Account Manager

Content and SEO

Kristina Shriver
Managing Editor
Laura Cromwell
Copy & SEO Specialist
Joy Moore
Managing Editor
Jeffrey Erbert
Señor Copywriter


Andrew Lerner
Director of Analytics
Tyler Kirby
Data Analyst

Digital Advisors

Aaron Wood
Director of Dealership Partnerships
Larry Herz
Director of Restaurant Division
Timothy Summers
Senior Digital Advisor

Finance & Administration

Lyn Duden
Executive Assistant
Lynn Kieffer


Jason Weissert
Vice President of Marketing
Erin Todd
Marketing  Specialist & Quality Assurance
Ruth Ann Laramee
Senior Marketing Director
Ashley Bailey
Director of Paid Media
Jeremy Gendelman
PIN Brand Manager
Danielle Vowels
SEM Specialist

Graphic Design

Kaitlyn Shriver
Senior Graphic Designer
Brianna Sherwood
Graphic Designer
Dalton Vanhooser
Graphic Designer

Information Technology & Managed Services

Ian Livingston
 Senior Developer
Spencer Harms
Quality Assurance Engineer
Mangesh Kadam
System Engineer
Michael Wraight
Director of MSP Services
Chris Eller
Senior Web Developer
 Technical SEO
Graham Briggs
Project Manager
Erik Schmaltz
Network Engineer
Josh Hammerling
UI/UX Technician

Social Media & Video

JD Blackwell
Director of Media
Kimberlee Woody
Social Media Manager
Jennifer Cage
Social Media Manager
Mckenzie Ridder
Social Media Manager
Michael Ayers
Social Media Manager
Taj Nahar
Executive Producer
Danielle Vowells
Paid Media Specialist
Frank Mcguire
Chief Business Development Officer
Mangesh Kadam
System Engineer
John Fouts
System Engineer
Andrew Lerner
Director of Analytics
Martin Thomas
Account Manager